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Developers welcome! The mite.api is looking forward to your precious hacking. Have a look at the detailed documentation to kick-start your coding.

RESTful Webservice

The mite.api is designed as a RESTful web service. All resources – such as time entries, projects or customers – can be addressed via a unique URL. They can be read or edited by using the HTTP verbs GET, POST, PUT and DELETE.

Use GET to read resources, POST to create new ones, PUT to edit and DELETE to delete existing ones. To get to know REST in detail, please have a look at Wikipedia or InfoQ.


Besides XML, the mite.api understands JSON.


With a regular browser, you can only read data. Because Firefox is able to display XML data inline, it’s perfect for that task.

To check the edit and delete methods of the API, we recommend a command line tool such as curl which makes it easy to send HTTP requests. Not familiar with the terminal? You might have a look at the Firefox add-on RESTClient or the Google Chrome extension Rest Console then. Both are pretty handy.