Automatic time tracker timeBro connects with mite

timeBro is an application for macOS and Windows that aims to help you to track your times faster and more accurately. Once installed, the app will run in the background and will automatically record how much time you spent working with every program, every document, every e-mail.

timeBro will display the recorded data in a daily calendar view. Based on this data, you will then create your time entries. Thanks to the new integration, you can now export these time entries from timeBro to mite.

Automatic time tracker timeBro connects with mite

timeBro allows you to assign your time entries to projects and services as well. When configuring the integration, you can choose which of your mite.projects should be available in timeBro. Also, you can choose which should be available on each project.


Before timeBro and mite will be able to work together, you’ll have to setup the connection once:

  1. First, please allow API access for your user in mite. Click on your user name in the upper right corner, activate API access, copy your API key, and save changes. The mite.api is our open data interface. timeBro will access your over this programming interface.
  2. New to timeBro? You can download a test version. When timeBro asks which app to connect, choose mite. If you already use timeBro, head over to the settings and choose mite at the tab »Connected Apps«. Furthermore, timeBro will need the login address of your mite.account:
  3. After having installed timeBro, the app will ask for your API key. Furthermore, you will be able to specify some personal preferences how exactly the two apps should work together.

Done! From the tab »Time tracking« in timeBro, you will now be able to export your time entries to mite.

Thank you

This new connection was developed by timeBro. Thanks a lot for your time and effort, Arne and Mislav!

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Scheduled maintenance on April 16th

Tomorrow, April 16th, we’ll deploy some updates. From 0:30 and from 22:00 CEST, mite won’t be available for about 5 minutes at a time.

This maintenance is scheduled to deploy framework, stability, and security updates. Furthermore, we optimized the Excel, CSV, and XML export. Exporting data should now run up to 30% faster – an increase in speed that should be notable especially on bigger accounts.

Update: We deployed the updates successfully. mite was unavailable for a total of 10 minutes. From our perspective everything is running smoothly. If you nevertheless stumble upon a bug, please be so kind and get in touch with a detailed description.

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Scheduled maintenance on September 15th

During the night from today to Tuesday, September 15th, our hoster SysEleven will perform a scheduled maintenance in our primary data center in Berlin, Germany. Between 0:00 and 1:00 AM CEST, mite will thus be unavailable for up to 30 minutes. This maintenance is necessary to perform some updates in the server management which are not possible without a short downtime. We ask for your understanding.

Update: Maintenance was completed successfully. mite was unavailable for 13 minutes.

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Scheduled maintenance on September 10th

During the night from Wednesday to Thursday, September 10th, we’ll deploy some framework updates to our servers. Between 0:15 and 1:00 CEST, mite will thus be unavailable for up to 15 minutes. We ask for your understanding.

Update: Scheduled maintenance went smoothly, mite was unavailable for five minutes. If you nevertheless happen to stumple upon any bug, please tell us so we can fix it right away. Thanks!

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German customers: temporary VAT reduction

Please note: This info is only relevant to customers with German billing address

Due to Corona, Germany lowers VAT from 19% to 16%, starting on July 1st until December 31st, 2020. We voluntarily pass this support measure on to you.

For mite we set prices including VAT because we offer the service to businesses as well as individuals. Since launching the first paid version of mite 12 years ago, we have never raised prices. For German users, mite has always been €5.00 per user per month, including 19% VAT. It’s a simple, honest price.

From July 1st until December 31st, 2020, the gross price for customers with a German billing address will be different for the very first time. It will be lower. During the next six months, mite will be €4.87 per user per month, including 16% VAT. The net price will stay at €4.20.

It’s an ugly price – but well, there are far more important things right now. Stay healthy everybody, and all the best wishes to you: May you get through these complicated times economically as well!

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Financially struck by Corona? Get in touch.

Corona won’t pause mite. We are used to home office and almost all of our processes run fully digitally. Thus we’re confident that mite will go on without any major changes or disruptions.

mite is a lucky exception. Especially freelancers and teams who rely on physical human contact and events are already experiencing a drastic reduction of their income, and this will probably worsen in the months to come.

If you or your team is financially strained already or will probably be soon: please get in touch via e-mail. To you, we’ll provide mite for free for the next three months.

Yes of course this is only a tiny, tiny solidarity action – but maybe other companies that have some reserves will join?

Stay healthy everybody!

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Today’s service interruption

Between 14:50 und 14:59 CET, mite was unavailable due to problems in the network of our primary data center run by SysEleven in Berlin, Germany.

We are sorry for this downtime! Especially during working hours, this is of course a big annoyance. This said, we are glad we could at least reduce the downtime to nine minutes by switching servers on-the-fly. For now (16:15 CET), we are waiting for our hoster to get to the root of the problems, fix everything completely, and tell us how they’ll aim at avoiding problems like that in the future. The stable availability of mite is of course our top priority. Again: sorry for todays hiccup.

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Scheduled maintenance on February 18th

During the night from Monday to Tuesday, February 18th, our hoster SysEleven will perform regular maintenance work in our primary data center in Berlin, Germany. Between 0:00 and 7:00 AM CET, mite will thus be unavailable for up to 15 minutes. This maintenance is necessary to perform service updates which require a reboot of our servers. We ask for your understanding.

Update: Maintenance was completed successfully. mite was unavailable for a total of 7 minutes.

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Can't reach mite? Please delete your cache.

Today between 12:30 and 12:32 CEST mite was not available to most users. After less than two minutes, we had fixed the problem, which had occured due to a typing error on our side. Unfortunately, some browsers and tools such as DynaMite and mite.go have cached this wrong setting. And thus still deliver wrong output.

If you still cannot reach mite, please delete the cache of your browser or the tool in question. You should then reach mite without a problem. If you need support with how to delete the cache, we are happy to help of course, please get in touch.

We are so sorry. Obviously, the most important thing right now is that all of you are able to access mite again. But as soon as we see that everything is completely back to normal, we will surely get together and examine in all detail how this could happen.

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New setting: Export hours as

When exporting time entries or projects from mite to Excel or as a CSV, you can now choose how the duration should be formatted. You can select either decimal hours, hours:minutes, or minutes. For example, one and a half hour can be exported as 1.5, 1:30, or 90 minutes. Simply pick the format that suits your workflow best.

Setting: Export hours as

If you’re the account owner or an administrator, please find the new setting at the tab labeled »Account«. Your pick will affect all of your account’s exports from »Reports => Time entries«, »Reports => Projects«, as well as from any shared reports.

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