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mite loves to track your time wherever you are: in your browser, on the iPhone, the Mac, @Twitter or Jabber. Plus, it's a team player: check out third-party apps that connect mite with invoicing and bug tracking.

mite on your smartphone

mite.go: Time tracking on the iPhone / iPod touch

iPhone: mite.go is an app to track and manage your time, developed by Daniel Rinser & Victor Saar.

iPhone / iPod touch

iPhone: Track your time right in your iPhone browser, thanks to the mobile version of mite.


Android: To track your time on the go, just point your Android browser to your regular login address.

Palm Pre (Web OS)

webOS: The mobile version of mite runs right in the browser of your Palm Pre, too.

mite on your Mac or PC

DynaMite, the mite.client for Mac users

Mac OS: Control your timers directly from the menu bar with DynaMite, developed by Swiss MediaAtelier.


Mac OS: Fluid turns your favorite web apps into real desktop applications, dock icon included.

mite.desk: mite.client for Windows

Windows: mite.desk, an open source client by 69°, weaves time tracking into your Windows desktop.

Time tracking via Chat, Twitter or the command-line


Track your time via instant messaging: Jabber is supported by GTalk, iChat, Miranda, Adium et al.


Tweeting the day away? Track your time via Twitter. Just send them via direct message @mite.

mite.cmd: a simple command-line interface for mite

mite.cmd is a true command-line interface for mite, developed by Lukas Rieder.

Connected invoicing apps


The web-based invoicing app Billomat imports time entries tracked with mite flexibly.


smallinvoice, a web-based invoicing app, imports time entries tracked with mite, too.


The web-based invoicing and accounting tool sevDesk imports time entries from mite as well.


The web-based invoicing tool SalesKing imports time entries on a per project basis.


Mac only: The invoicing tool GrandTotal imports time entries tracked with mite as well.

Connected bug trackers


Track your time on issues in Mantis, a free bug tracker, thanks to a plugin developed by Thomas Klein.


In Redmine, the open source bug tracker, time might be tracked on issues via Redmine2mite.


Trac2mite enables time tracking on tickets in Trac, the popular open source bug tracker.

Connected project management tools


When you track your time on tasks in Planscope, these time entries will show up in mite, too.

Open API, open possibilities

mite.api, open

Developers welcome! Want to hook up another tool with mite? Our open API is looking forward to your ideas.