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mite works well at a lot of places: Not only in your browser but on the iPhone or iPod touch as well. Track your time wherever you'd like to.

mite on the iPhone

Always on the go, from the office, to a business lunch, to a conference, to a meeting, to a client’s office, and not always carrying your notebook around? Why not fill the five spare minutes riding the subway with something productive?

Put mite in your pocket: track your time on the go. Wherever you may be, whatever you may be working on. Right on your iPhone.

Time tracking on the iPhone


Track your hours

  • manually
  • with our built-in timer

Once added you can

  • edit your time entries
  • delete them
  • move them to another date

All touch sensitive areas are designed with generous proportions. Don’t miss a button even when in a hurry. Start the timer with a single touch or switch it from one time entry to another.

The timer is like a server-side stop watch. After you’ve started it, you can shut down Safari, or your iPhone, or go offline with your iPod touch. The timer will be tracking your hours until you come back to stop it.

Enter your hours manually or track them with the integrated timer

Advanced features of mite are available in the regular browser view:

  • visual dashboards, project reports, and filterable lists of all time entries
  • management of customers, projects, services, and users

Switch to regular view by tipping the appropiate link within the footer.

Safari web app

To use mite on your iPhone or iPod touch, you don’t have to download anything from the App Store. Start the integrated Safari browser and point it to your familiar login address (https://yourteam.mite.yo.lk) – done. mite detects your device automatically and presents to you the appropriate view, optimized for mobile experience.

Optimized view - the iPhone is being recognized automatically

Kickstart mite

To launch mite with a single touch, we recommend adding the mite.icon to the home screen. It’s done in seconds:

  1. Touch the “+” icon in the middle of the Safari footer bar.
  2. A menu bar will appear. Touch “Add to Home Screen”.
  3. Chose a short name for your brand new icon on the home screen.

Add mite to the home screen

Done! Now, you can kickstart mite right from your personalized home screen. You can delete this bookmark anytime.

Without a mite.account yet?

To use mite on your iPhone / iPod touch, you will have to create a regular mite.account first. Don’t worry: Sign up will only take about 60 seconds.