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About mite

mite is a web-based time tracking tool for teams and freelancers: designers, developers, advertising agencies, architects, attorneys, non-profits and many more. mite wants to provide a more human way to track and analyze working hours. Time tracking has been an annoying necessity for all too long – but it's a must to get paid as well as to improve your workflow.

mite lets you track your time in a structured way by breaking it down into customers, projects, and services. Track your time manually or with the built-in stop watch. Track it in the browser, on your Mac or PC, on your iPhone, via Twitter, Jabber or Ubiquity. mite generates flexible reports then. Share them with your customers, print them or export them to a variety of file formats. Get help with staying on budget, and identify any weak spots as soon as possible.

At a glance

mite is a service brought to you by Berlin-based company Yolk – Sebastian Munz & Julia Soergel GbR.

  • Web-based software, available in English or German
  • Software as a Service (?)
  • Monthly subscriptions: mite is €5 per user per month
  • Paying users: >15,000 (as of November 2014)


The young history at a glance:

  • December 2006: Launch. mite was conceived as part of Sebastian and Julia’s diploma thesis “Agile product development in Web 2.0” at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. Later published as a book, the thesis still comprises the very essence of their belief of how web-based software should be developed and grown.
  • May 2008: Sebastian & Julia founded Yolk to improve mite in full-time.
  • July 2008: ReLaunch of mite as a subscription-based service
  • April 2009: Launch of mite in English


mite and Yolk, the company serving mite, have been awarded several times during the last years (yeah!). The more important ones:





mite is developed by Berlin-based duo Sebastian Munz & Julia Soergel. Sebastian is mainly taking care of the technical side, Julia is mainly taking care of all things communication. Both studied media techniques and graduated with a German diploma. They are netizens from the bottom of their hearts.

Before launching mite, Sebastian has been designing and developing web sites, databases and software for advertising agencies; Julia was working as a freelance developer and blogger.

Team.mite: Sebastian Munz & Julia Soergel

Sebastian Munz; Photo: Karina Wünsche

Julia Soergel; Photo: Boris Niehaus