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Have a look at what our users and the media say about mite. They should know better than any fancy marketing brochure, right?

An almost paradigmatic example of a small but dedicated startup and probably the most 37signal’ish team from Germany; a very nice and beautifully executed service for agencies and freelancers to track their time.

mite is dope! ///nice/efficient/easy/// thanks: your tool rocks

mite is a very slick, clean, and easy tool for tracking time. It’s collaborative, secure, and extremely simple to use. In fact, that’s it’s greatest asset: simplicity.

I’ve honestly been getting tired of seeing time management, tracking, and so forth apps popping up all over the place. They’re like ants on a leftover sandwhich. This one, though sets itself apart and is definitely worth looking at for the small team or large project group.